Blueberry Muffins

This morning i woke up and the sun was shinning bright. That wouldnt be so exciting in itself as a phenomenon if it wasnt for the fact that i m living in the Netherlands and this summer it has been raining almost everyday..

I had nothing for breakfast but a bunch of fresh blueberries..
I checked the cupboards and luckily i still had flour, sugar, some baking powder and oil and a pinch of salt..
That and 30 min is actually enough to whisk together and bake fresh blueberry muffins!
If you have some cinammon.. sprinkle them gently!

Mommy’s tip: Pour some water in the muffin cups before you pour in the dough will help the muffins stay moist!!

  1. Τέλεια φαίνονται τα muffins σου ~ μου τα θύμισες και έχω καιρό να φτιάξω…κάτσε να τσεκάρω κι εγώ τα ντουλάπια μου… :))
    όχι με blueberries βέβαια (μόνο κατεψυγμένα ίσως βρω εδώ) αλλά και με φραουλίτσες μια χαρά θα είναι!
    Καλό απόγευμα…

    • anelek said:

      xixi mia fora pou epsaxna blueberries ellada itan 5 euro to kesedaki..edo futronoun sta parka!! S euxaristo! Exeis teleies suntages!

  2. purple !!!!!!!!!!!!! εχεις τρελες ωραιες ιδεες 🙂
    ( ασχετο μπορω να χω το φορεμα)

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