Vacation House: Peaches in a milky heaven

Last night, I arrived at the village house with my dog charlotte.
The village house is the family vacation house, situated in an island called Evia, north east of Athens.
The name of the village is Kalimeriani, which in greek literally means good side (kali=good, meria=side).
The view is indeed pretty good. One can gaze the valeys and the mountains all the way to the sea.

As with most holiday houses, the house is empty half the year which means that every time I put the key at the door, it feels like time had frozen all year long and will start again. Its like last summer was yesterday..
Furniture and utensils covered with dust cloths, the house silently had been waiting for a winter and a spring..until on a warm August afternoon, I had arrived!

This morning, waking up reality caught up with me.. Dust Covers removed, kitchen cleaned and groceries done at a nearby village. Doing my groceries around noon, was definately not a smart idea. The sun at its brightest, sizzled my skin and left me breathless and feverish.

Thats when i decided i would be making icecream!

I bought chocolate and decided to bake cookies in order to make a thick lucious chocolate ice tart when i found an odd shaped bowl that my lucky guess is, it was a vintage ice cream maker!!!!
I cant remember my grandma ever using it…ever! And she is no longer here so i can ask…
Nevertheless..i pulled some white flesh peaches off our peach tree and did my best to make a peach flavored vintage style home made ice cream!

I have to stir frequently until it solidifies..right?
Dear readers, keep your fingers crossed…tomorrow we are having peach icecream!

  1. I love everything about this post. Your nails are so pretty – I’m jealous! 🙂

    You have a chihuahua-girl too – I knew there was something I liked about you! haha

    Also, on an unrelated note – have you been getting e-mailed updates of my posts? I’ve been having a horrible time trying to get the self hosted site to send out the alerts. Le sigh – nothing worth doing is easy right? haha

    I’m looking forward to that next post of yours – peach ice cream! Ummy!

    • anelek said:

      Oh i tried to self host as well but it was soo soo difficult! I got lazy and decided to just stick to my wordpress..
      You show us the way towards selfhosting girl!:D hehe I do get your email updates i guess you have nothing to worry!

      Ice cream is frozen and will be posting soon!:D

  2. dims said:

    ti tha ginei, tha fame pote kanena glykaki k emeis, oi ftwxoi syggeneis…poly wraies fwto xaderfoula!

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