Vacation House: If i take a dive, it’s in their backyard..

Dear readers,

Being laying in the sun and diving in the cool water for the best part of this week and unfortunatelly my cooking is somehow left behind..
Yet, although I feel somewhat guilty.. I couldnt help it. My holidays are slowly coming to an end and taking the plane back home, to a moist, cloudy Holland is unavoidable.
My boyfriend is joining me to the vacation house by the end of this week which helps stimulate and motivate my cooking. Hopefully some greek summery recipes will come up again soon on the blog.

Until then, I would like to share with you some beautiful photographs from Alexander Semenov.

Alexander Semenov’s photographs are pure and magical.
A new underwater world with its beautiful creatures opens up in front of us through a series of photos under the name Planktonology.
Jellyfish (or Jellies) and snails dance in the water, defying any sense of orientation, time and gravity mesmerising the viewer.

Did you know, jellyfish are quite popular as a food in Asia? They can be cooked in a variety of ways, boiled, steamed, fried and can accompagny noodles and salads!


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