Refined Mushroom Risotto with a glass of white wine.

Mister is gone again for work..
At first, I always get excited to be left alone.. I play records, swirl around the floor barefeet and dance on my favourite songs, I go through my diaries, I read a book..
But today, there is nothing on tv, my murakami book is long finished and the vinyls just lay there with a thin layer of dust..
The house is quite and still..Yet the clock ticks and ticks..
Around seven, our regular dinner time I find myself ready to act upon the stillness..
I haven’t prepared anything considering I would be dining alone but I have an urge to gloriously enjoy my night..
A bath, a glass of wine and a light risotto with herbs and grilled mushrooms, sprinkled with freshly grated parmesan cheese..

Maybe its time to order a new book.. Any suggestions for a good midweek reading?

Did you know?
France was the leader in the formal cultivation of mushrooms in Europe. Some accounts say that Louis XIV was the first mushroom grower. He registered different caves near Paris and set them aside for a unique form of agriculture: the mushroom cultivation!
Shortly after, intrigued by how easy and economical the cultivation of mushrooms was, English gardeners took the idea of mushroom cultivation and introduced it to the UK.

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  1. Georgia K said:

    και αλλα τετοιααααα

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