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So, if you have been wondering about my previous post and why I chose to feature that in a culinary blog, I m ready to explain!


You see, in reality I have been working on designing cookies for Movember.

Movember is an initiative ( ) that helps raise awareness for cancer in men using a strong visual sign of “manhood”..that of a moustache. (Yes.. we are talking about moustaches here ladies!)

So, being a girl myself..and not really knowing anyone with a moustache I had a whole lot of research to do…

There are many, many types of moustaches out there. Some elegant and some barbaric, some very fine and others quite bushy.. I have been checking infographic representations of moustaches for a week now trying to decide upon a form that i would like to use for Movember.
Late last night, I concluded on these following shapes which I lasercut and used to create my moustache cookies!

The dough is made with organic ingredients and flavored with deep vanilla scent and the sugar glaze is fine and delicate with a coffee aroma.

If you would like to say hi, taste some cookies, get a nice moustache trim and support Movember,
feel free to drop by the Movember shop, located in Magna Plaza Shopping Center in Amsterdam.
I will be there every Sunday noon with fresh cookies and surprises for adults, children and..pets!




I know this is ment to be a humble culinair diary..but the designer in me is kicking to get out and when I saw this poster, I knew I had to share…

(The poster is to be found and purchased at

There is something fascinating about this kind of depiction. Simple outlines of forms, filled in black ink. Very simple method to draw or illustrate and yet, its so effective!
I can immediately recognize at least a dozen of the haircuts..

Let’s try together! Shall we?

But if you wonder how I came up to this and what is its relevance to cookies, I m afraid I would have to bubble a little bit longer.